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The Xoloitzcuintli (sho-loh-eets-kweent-lee) or Xolo in short is frequently called the Mexican hairless dog. They’ve been living ever since the ancient times, about 3000 years ago in Mexico. They differ in dimensions which range from standard, miniature, and toy. They weigh about 10 pounds, however they can grow larger and be as heavy as fifty pounds. This breed of dog can either be coated and hairless. The coated type is covered by a short, flat coat which signifies the original type of the dog. As the hairless ones have smooth,tough and close fitting skin.

This breed of dog comes in diverse colors like black, bronze, gray, red, fawn and more. Remember though that the typical colour of these hairless dogs is either black color or bluish grey. Canines of this breed are tough. It comes with a broad skull having a black or skin colored nose, and also almond-shaped eyes. Its ears are possibly the most remarkable characteristic of their breed, which is big with a shape like the ears of a bat. When they encounter unknown people and unfamiliar places or sounds are, they will warn you. The color of Mexican hairless dogs changes while they grow and mature. These days, this dog serves as a great companion and a tough watchdog. They are courageous and they never stop from a fight.

Some of the temperament qualities of the earlier toy Mexican hairless are still possessed by the modern ones. These are high levels of energy, strong hunting instincts, high intelligence, inquisitiveness, and being highly sociable. Abuse and unstable environment must be prevented. Attention and care must always be provided to them. Although physically mature whenever they reach one year, the majority of breed of dogs including the Mexican hairless aren’t emotionally mature till they reach two years old. These breeds aren’t actually suitable for a cold weather. Providing them a coat to warm them is required. Remember that it is crucial to maintain their skin in good condition. It is also necessary to place some cream or sun screen lotion on the hairless variety. Acne and clogged pores might lead to too much use of lotion or sunscreen lotion so keep the usage of these items moderately.

There are hairless dogs in this breed of dog. Because this, grooming your dog is the least of your concerns. It’€™s not difficult to have them well-groomed. Bathing this breed is just carried out when terribly needed. Frequent and long bathing harms their own skin that is why it’s not recommended for a Mexican hairless dog. Add on that, these hairless dog breeds are ideal for allergy sufferers because there’€™s no hair to shed. As for the coated ones, their hair shedding could be reduced by means of regular combing as well as brushing.

Each dog has their own characteristic and unique needs. It is absolutely important that you already know what to expect before you begin looking for reliable breeders of a small Mexican dog. And if you wish to opt for the Mexican hairless dog, take time to carry out your own research to know much more about them.